The Impossible Adventure

Meet Your Misadventure #1 of The Vampire Hunters of Eversfield Academy series

Your rules, your game. You decide.

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written by Betsy Flak on 2019-11-11

Today's blog post is a doozy. Book recommendations (free, paid, and Kindle Unlimited): check. Advice on how to find free, discounted, and new (or new-to-you) books: check. Free books from yours truly: check.

Book recommendations

You can find 70+ books that have been recommended to me (with a few recommendations from myself) at Recommendations from The Troupe: the whole kit and kaboodle!. Many of these are in Kindle Unlimited and a few are free.

Young adult magic academy books, YA paranormal romance, YA urban fantasy are included, along with the adult versions of each of those genres. We've also got paranormal cozy mysteries, vampire books, fantasy books, and even a few science fiction and dystopian books. The last quarter or so are all "wild card books", i.e. books that don't necessarily fall super close to my own genres, but you may still find interesting. Contemporary romance, historical romance, thrillers, non-paranormal cozy mysteries, and women's literature are a few examples of those.

Looking for free books? No problem, I've got you covered. Check out my Free book smorgasbord! blog post for 30+ free books to check out.

Genres aren't as far-ranging as with The Troupe Recommendation post. Again, we've got young adult paranormal romance and YA urban fantasy, along with the adult versions of both. We've also got a fairy tale retelling in there along with a mythology YA fantasy. There's a bit of science fiction, paranormal cozy mystery, and paranormal thriller too. To wrap things up, we've got a couple of holiday-themed books.

Advice on how to find free, discounted, and new (or new-to-you) books

Read my best advice for finding free, discounted and new books here. This includes an overview of how to use anthologies, podcasts, email lists, Amazon, and more to find free, discounted, and new books.

Looking for more specific advice? Check out my blog post about using Goodreads to find discounted and new books here and my post comparing and contrasting fifteen different free email lists you can join to find free, new, and discounted books here.

Free books from me

The Unleashed Creation (The Vampires of Eversfield Academy)

The Unleashed Creation cover: A girl with wild red hair brandishes a fireball in front of a mountain town.

Fire brings death. Fire breathes life.

Vampire Duncan lives in a world where it's kill or be killed, whether that's by his vampire allies or by vampire hunters. But he wants something more. He wants freedom.

When he stumbles across a rogue fire witch whom his enemies have left to die, it's his chance. If he can persuade her to switch sides, together they can unite the vampires and destroy the hunters. There's just one catch: can Duncan convince the witch to join him before she kills him?

The Unleashed Creation is the first book in The Vampires of Eversfield Academy YA paranormal fantasy series. If you like sinister villains, a generous dose of vampires and magic, and supernatural suspense, then you'll love Betsy Flak's page-turner.

Free for a limited time on Amazon, Apple Books, Barnes and Noble, and Kobo.

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The Impossible Adventure (The Vampire Hunters of Eversfield Academy: Meet Your Misadventure #1)

The Impossible Adventure cover:  A scantily clad girl looks up at a sinister man wearing sunglasses.

Your rules, your game. You decide.

After a deadly summer, you're determined to make your junior year in high school better than ever. Then two new kids join your class. For some reason, they hate your best friend. Will you survive long enough to discover why?

The Impossible Adventure is the first entry in a series of interactive stories where you choose what happens, set in the world of The Vampire Hunters of Eversfield Academy YA paranormal fantasy series. If you like sinister villains (and maybe becoming one), magic-wielding heroes (yup, you can become one of those too), and supernatural suspense mixed with high school drama, then you'll love this thrilling adventure.

Free for a limited time for members of The Troupe, my readers group.

Download The Impossible Adventure and choose your fate for free today!

Sam's story (The Vampires of Eversfield Academy), official title TBD

Available only to members of The Troupe—my readers group—Sam's story is young adult paranormal romance and a prequel to the main series, The Vampire Hunters of Eversfield Academy. Written and edited in real time, new installments are posted twice a month. Once the story wraps up, it will be published and no longer available for free to Troupe members. Join The Troupe and read Sam's story starting from the beginning for free here.

Not sure if it's for you? Read Chapter 1 of Sam's story for free here, regardless of whether you're part of my readers group.

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