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Freebie Friday

written by Betsy Flak on 2019-10-25

This week, I've got five expiring giveaways chock-full of free urban fantasy novels, vampire books, spooky science fiction, fantasy, and horror reads, and more!

Today's Free Book Spotlight:

None. With five expiring giveaways, I wanted to focus on those instead. Your Free Book Spotlight returns next week.

Today's Giveaways:

YA Fantasy: Last Week!

This giveaway is chock-full of free YA fantasy e-books. Whether old or young, you're sure to enjoy these free fantasy books. Bonus: You could win a $20 giftcard!

Check out these free YA fantasy books now!

Halloween Reads: Last Week!

Spooky. Chilling. Mysterious. Otherworldly. These free books will fulfill your desire for some Halloween reads, whatever your style.

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Clean Urban Fantasy Reads: Last Week!

Delve into worlds filled with vampires, shifters, the Fae, and more in the free books of the Clean Urban Fantasy Reads giveaway.

Create your own custom bundle of urban fantasy free books now!

Spooky Reads Giveaway: Last week!

Looking to settle into your favorite reading nook with a spooky book? This giveaway has you covered! It's filled with free sci-fi, fantasy, and speculative fiction horror books, all ready to get you into the Halloween spirit.

Browse these free spooktacular books today!

The Good, The Bad, and The Bloody: Last week!

One false move, one stretch of the neck, and you could find yourself prey. Seductive, dangerous, and good to the last drop, these are the books for vampire fans.

Choose from 25+ free reads with all the vampires now!

Things that go bite in the night

Be careful with these scary reads...things that go bump in the night might bite!

Claim your free paranormal and horror reads today!

Want more freebies? Check out the last Freebie Friday post. The deals might still be going on!

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