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How to find free, discounted, and new (or new-to-you) books

written by Betsy Flak on 2019-10-21

Today, I'm going to share my favorite strategies to find free, discounted, and new (or new-to-me) books. I'll dive deeper into each one, but they are: anthologies and box sets, book review podcasts, email lists, Goodreads, and Also Bought's on Amazon.

  1. Anthologies and Box Sets
    • Neat way for authors to team up and showcase their work to readers. Lengths can range anywhere from flash fiction to full novels, although they're typically on the shorter side. As a reader, I prefer short stories and flash fiction, since both give enough of a taste for me to decide whether I like the author without a huge time investment on my part.
    • Example: Thieves' World. I read it and recommend it to anyone who enjoys reading fantasy short stories.

  2. Book Review Podcasts
    • If you like podcasts, this might be perfect for you. Just find a podcast focused on book reviews! You'll get a bunch of results just by searching "book review" in iTunes.
    • Example: Adventures in YA, which has several brief reviews per episode, almost like a survey of the latest young adult fiction books. There are many more podcasts out there, so feel free to find your own (and then tell me so I can check them out too!).

  3. Email lists
    • Have deals delivered straight to your inbox.
    • I'm going to separate options into three categories:
      • Author email lists: Like in most careers, authors get to know one another, and from time to time, we'll promote each other's books. So, if you want to find new authors, jump onto your favorite author's email list! If you're not on it already, you can join my email list here.
      • Prolific Works (formerly Instafreebie): Authors of all genres post giveaways of anything ranging from a sample of one of their books to entire novels and sometimes even box sets. To stay up to date with the giveaways, you can search Prolific Works itself, sign up for regular emails from Prolific Works (curated based on your genre preferences), or follow them on Twitter and Facebook.
      • Other email lists: You can also sign up for email lists where authors pay to have their books featured. There are a ton of these around. Here are some examples: Free Booksy, Bargain Booksy, Book Rebel, Book Raid, Book Sends, and Read Freely. If all those names and links overwhelm you, head over to my blog post comparing and contrasting fifteen different email lists you can join to find free and deeply discounted e-books!

  4. Goodreads
    • Stock up that to-read shelf and wait for the notifications from Goodreads! Essentially, they'll email you when a book on your to-read shelf goes on sale or has a giveaway you can enter to win a copy. They'll also email you about generic sales, letting you know when books you may not have considered (yet) go on sale.
    • For more information, check out my blog post "Three ways to use Goodreads to find discounted and free books galore".

  5. Also Bought's and Also Read's on Amazon
    • If you go to your favorite book on Amazon and scroll down, you should see a section entitled "Customers who bought this item also bought" or "Customers who read this book also read" (see example below). Essentially, Amazon pays attention to what its customers buy and read and groups similar items together. It's a fair bet that if you liked one book, you'll like the others listed in that book's Also Bought's or Also Read's.
    • Example shown below: Also Read's (located in green rectangle) for A Brush with Vampires (The Vampire Hunters of Eversfield Academy: Book One).
Example of Also Bought's on Amazon: A Brush with Vampires (The Vampire Hunters of Eversfield Academy: Book One)

And of course, you can always go to your local library. That's it, a plethora of ways to find free, discounted, and new (or new-to-you) books.

What about you? Do you have any amazing strategies to find free, discounted, and new books? If so, let me know over on Twitter, Facebook, or email me at [email protected].

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