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Betsy Flak

School of Midnight (The Eversfield Academy Vampire Hunters: Book Four) [PREORDER]

School of Midnight (The Eversfield Academy Vampire Hunters: Book Four) [PREORDER]

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She's drowning in grief, her magic forgotten. He's trying to stop the carnage. Can they find a way back to each other before vampires wreak more havoc?

In the wake of last semester's tragic events, Lila is devastated. Nothing matters anymore, not after what happened. Not school. Not her friends. Not her confusing powers. Even handsome crush Gabe can't break through her haze. All she can do is survive. And she can barely do that.

Determined to stop the vampires stalking Eversfield Academy, Gabe is getting trained for his visions at last. He's also leading the Eversfield Cell of vampire hunters in patrols that keep his fellow students safe. He's investigating last semester's vampire attack and magical assault. He's helping Lila recover any way he can, even if that's only as a friend.

But a trap awaits the vampire hunters. The vampires and their magic-wielding allies have gathered together. They prepare to launch an attack for the history books, one that will send Gabe and the other vampire hunters spinning into chaos. Can Lila and Gabe stop the attack before it starts?

School of Midnight is the fourth book in The Eversfield Academy Vampire Hunters romantic YA urban fantasy series. If you like brave heroines overcoming the odds, page-turning supernatural suspense, and emotional slow-burn romance, then you'll love Betsy Flak's bewitching novel.

Preorder School of Midnight to incinerate your enemies today!

Note: This series was previously called The Clan-Vampire Clash and The Vampire Hunters of Eversfield Academy. This book was previously published as A Brush with Fire. This is the revised second edition.
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